Thanks for stumbling upon my blog and deciding to read more. I have been a professional journalist for almost a decade and even spent some time working in the realm of public relations. I’ve been a television photojournalist, live truck operator, television reporter, radio drive-time personality, newspaper reporter, newspaper designer and newspaper editor. I’ve even been an international spokesperson for a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. Now I am back home in Alabama, working on a masters degree in Strategic Communications. This is a place where I will share research, findings and just really cool stuff about emerging media.

Here’s some non-work related info about me:

I believe that Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life. For as simple as I am, only a handful of people ever really know what I’m thinking. I like unconventional things and unconventional ways of doing things. At the same time, I’m into tradition. I’m a hugger. If you don’t like physical contact, you shouldn’t stand next to me. I’m a happy person, sometimes ridiculously and annoyingly happy. I love to dance. Expect to partake in shaking your groove thing, too. I’m an ethical vegan. I crave adventure and spontaneity . I appreciate surprises. I’m tough, but I am a girl and can break easily. Don’t treat me like a girl if we’re competing for something though. I hate that. I’m not afraid to get dirty, but I can live without bugs. I go to the beach when I need to clear my head. Being alone in the dark is a childhood fear I haven’t been able to shake. If you dress like Michael Myers for Halloween, expect to be punched in the face. I’ll apologize later. I’m named after my parents. I think restricting yourself to one political party is silly. I’d rather ride a subway to work most days. I love cross-country trips. Patience is definitely a virtue. If you know who Penny Parker is and why I couldn’t stand Terry Hatcher for the longest, we’d probably hit it off. I love soy mocha frappuchinos. All I really require is that you laugh (and love) like you mean it.


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